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Author care and support will always be an agency priority.  For this to be achieved there needs to be constant communication and complete honesty between the agent and author.  Without a trustworthy relationship the success of an author's career cannot reach its full potential.  

Agency services will also cover the following areas: 



Though discovering talent is the first step, it will often be the case that the material needs honing; if this means several redrafts by the author then so be it.  The author, however, will not be left alone in this process;  Andlyn will be there to provide continuous editorial support until the project is ready for submission. 


We have nurtured strong relationships with multiple editors and publishing houses.  These connections enable us to discover what individuals are looking for and where best we can try and place your material.  In addition the agency has, and is, continually looking to discover and develop potential avenues outside publishing to ensure the author and their works have the best opportunities.


It is paramount that the best terms and conditions are secured when a deal is proposed.  Therefore negotiation for the best standards is key, alongside a strong understanding of intellectual property rights.


All rights across various territories, medias and outputs will be exploited where possible and suitable. Relationships with scouts and sub-agents have been formed and will be nurtured to further aid the success of an author and their material.

Ancillary rights can include Film and TV, Audio, Online, Gaming, Brand Licensing.  Whether dealt with internally or externally the author's best interests will always be put first.



Understanding the benefits of an advance and the breakdown of royalties can be complicated.  Advice will not only be given but, again, negotiation for the best rates will be implemented.  Management of incoming monies will also be covered.


Once material is sold, the agent's duties do not end there; championing work beyond publication or production is important.  Therefore working with marketing teams, helping to arrange events or increase social media and online presence will be discussed and acted upon as or when necessary.